Whale Watching


The 1/2 Day and Full Day Sailing Trips are great for Whale Watching. Visit the Day Sailing Trips page to see trip details. Please call and confirm to Book your trip. We will see the sea otters that hang out around Morro Rock and then head out on the ocean to see if the whales are out and sending their spouts up to say hello.

Estero Bay is a rich environment full of sea life of many kinds. We often see Humpback Whales hunting solo or in small groups. The first sign of whales is sighting the spout on the horizon. Then as we draw closer there are seals and birds that seem to come out of nowhere. They are all responding to the same food source. Sometimes there are so many seals that they converge into a mass of bodies and form a wave of activity on the water. It is so fascinating to watch the scene unfold before our eyes. Quick grab the camera. The scene could change before you know it.

Humpack Whales can be seen around Morro Bay at anytime of year. They are often seen in groups of 2 or 2 hunting.

Dolphins on the bow Morro Bay

One of my favorite experiences with wildlife on the water is when the dolphins come and play on the bow of the boat. You can see them get excited and change direction near the boat. Sometimes they swim right over and turn quickly underneath the bow of the boat. Looking down over the rail you can see their eyes and fins. You can even see the scars and markings on their bodies. Often there is a baby dolphin in the group and you can see the mother gently push the calf away from the boat if it gets too close.

My recent trip with Maya Sailing Adventures was the perfect blend of adventure, excitement and rejuvenation. Being aboard this beautiful custom boat amid stunning (and remote) natural surroundings was an exhilarating retreat from the “day-to-day.” Maya’s staff couldn’t have been more supportive in ensuring our group an enjoyable, educational and safe trip!Hunter Francis