Life Aboard Maya

Life aboard Maya is really fun and adventurous and the experience can change dramatically from moment to moment depending on the sea condition and location of the boat at the time. We have practically everything you can think of onboard. There is a million kitchen tools and gadgets. We love to cook and enjoy our time on board so we are well stocked! There are plenty of little nooks and settees to sit and relax and read a book, rest or talk with your ship mates.


Main Salon– The great room on Maya is the salon and settees where we sit to read, to eat, to gather and play music, etc.



Galley– Expect to enjoy some great food on Maya. The galley is set up for cooking just about anything. We are well stocked with kitchen tools and we can bake, fry, sear, bbq, squeeze, you name it!.



Foreward Cabin– The master cabin on Maya is located forward in the box section of the vessel. The spacious cabin is comfortable for 2 people with plenty of storage lockers and drawers to organize your gear.



Aft Cabin– This cabin can accomodate 2 adults with plenty of leg room and a locker to store luggage.



Quarter berth– A small cabin perfect size for one person. Plenty of storage in your own locker.



Cockpit– We spend a lot of time in the cockpit and it is really comfortable. The teak deck and teak railing offer plenty of support and the custom made cushions really make it nice. While sailing we are always moving around and working the lines, then at anchor we can really relax!



Dinghy– Here is our little shore boat. Great for 3 or 4 people to get out and see things up close.